Human Resources

We recognise that managing employees who encounter psychological difficulties can create challenges for HR professionals. At Psych Health, we aim to support you in working through these challenges by providing a service that you can have confidence in. Our experience shows that when HR communities know that their employees are accessing the help that they need, these challenges feel more manageable.

We specialise in the application of clinical psychology within the Occupational Health context in order to maximise the effectiveness of organisations and optimise the health and well-being of employees. Our unique linked-up approach to employee care enables HR professionals to receive timely psychologically-informed advice from Occupational Health physicians in order to help manage the employees in their care more effectively and to promote the health of their organisation.

A key philosophy underpinning our approach is the recognition that the well-being of employees is what drives an effective organisation, and we believe in the value of employment in maintaining individuals’ well-being.

Working closely with your Occupational Health providers, we can:

  • Carry out specialist assessments to inform Occupational Health advice to you
  • Deliver a rapid-access, high quality Clinical Psychology service for your employees

In addition, we can provide tailored training workshops to employees and management to increase awareness of particular issues and individual and organisational resilience.

When thinking with you about how we can offer a service to you and your employees we are totally flexible, allowing you to design a service that works for you. For example, some of our clients like to have clinics run on their premises while others prefer their employees to be seen off-site; others opt for employees self-referring to the service, whereas some prefer referrals to be managed by Occupational Health. We are open to discussing all elements of service delivery with you so that you can design your own bespoke, unique service.

We support you by providing a service that you can have confidence in