About Us

Psych Health is a nationwide provider of clinical psychology services. We provide access to highly skilled Clinical Psychologists who are trained to doctoral level and statutorily regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Among the different professions delivering talking therapies, this level of regulation is unique to psychologists and ensures a standard of professionalism and training that you can have confidence in.

Psych Health maintain the highest standards of service provision through exemplary Clinical Governance procedures which allow us to ensure the quality control that our clients expect. Our process for recruiting clinical psychologists and the level of ongoing contact and support we maintain set us apart from traditional networks of clinicians. Our clients can therefore be assured when they access our service that rigorous structures are in place to ensure quality.

Psych Health is a clinician-led service. Our network of psychologists is recruited and managed by our Clinical Directors, Dr Ben Barnaby and Dr Joe Buckman, both of whom are clinical psychologists themselves. This means that we are able to provide a service in which an ethos of clinical excellence is promoted from the highest level in the organisation.

Nationwide access to highly skilled clinical psychologists

map of our professional network of psychologists