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What we do

Our model of mental healthcare delivery incorporates physical health and wellbeing into mental health treatment.

Our clients have the option to commission the model as a whole or select specific pathways according to their needs. Where multiple pathways are appropriate, our wealth of clinical expertise lets us match the patient's individual needs to the most appropriate treatment pathway(s) including:

Additional Services

Psych Health also offer the following services to compliment the varying psychological therapies listed above.

Specialist assessments

One-off assessments can be undertaken to answer specific clinical questions, and where no treatment is envisaged. These can be commissioned by occupational health physicians or HR professionals and can help when seeking advice around a particular issue, for example: a diagnostic question arising in relation to an aspect of someone’s workplace situation. The aim is to identify psychological needs an employee may have in addition to offering businesses OH advice so the employee’s needs can be more effectively managed within the workplace.

Vulnerable role assessments

Specialist, role-related assessments can be conducted for employees at increased risk of psychological harm due to the nature of their role, for example: police officers dealing regularly with traumatic material. Psych Health clinicians use our own clinically validated online tool that can be electronically deployed to undertake these assessments at scale. The results are reviewed by senior clinicians, and individuals can be identified for further assessment if cause is identified.

This service has been designed and implemented for a range of clients, including police forces, government agencies, NGOs, charities, scientific expeditions, and members of the legal profession.

Neuropsychological (cognitive) assessment

We offer expert assessments undertaken by neuropsychologists to assess cognitive function. These are useful for individuals who may have suffered brain injury through accident or medical incidents, or who may suspect cognitive decline because of ageing, for example: memory or word-finding difficulty. 

Neurodiversity assessments and neurodiverse-adapted treatments 

As many as 10% of individuals have been estimated to be neurodiverse but few clinicians are trained in the adaptation of mental health treatments to this group. It can be even more difficult to source a timely diagnostic assessment to help individuals understand their condition and provide advice about how to better manage certain aspects of life, including the workplace. We offer a range of diagnostic assessments for autistic spectrum conditions and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

We have clinicians who are experts in delivering adapted mainstream psychological treatments for individuals with these conditions and provide trainings for our clinicians to provide effective treatment to neurodiverse groups.  

Training workshops

We offer a wide range of training workshops on mental health, wellbeing, and heathy workplaces. These are aimed at employees, line managers and leaders, bringing our clinical expertise to assist individuals and organisations within the workplace context.

We regularly work with clients to create workshops based on specific requirements. To date, these have included, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health awareness: spotting signs and symptoms of mental health

  • Preventing burnout

  • Managing anxiety and low mood

  • Building resilience

  • Enhancing Social connection during COVID’19 pandemic

  • Anxiety about returning to work post-lockdown

Organisational consultancy

Our clinical team, we have decades of experience in working psychologically with and within a wide range of organisations. Psych Health regularly consults to organisations on all matters related to mental health, including:

  • Health promotion, awareness, and prevention

  • Mental health surveys and ‘stress audits’

  • Mental health strategy and policy

  • Mental health service design

Let’s Talk

If you would like to speak to us about any of our services or to discuss your requirements or if you are interested in working with us as a clinician please call 020 3821 1452 or complete this form

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