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Psych Health is a leading independent provider of mental health services

Established in 2008, Psych Health is led by clinical directors and founders, Dr Ben Barnaby and Dr Joe Buckman.

Quality clinical work is at the heart of our business

We believe that excellent clinical care is achieved by supporting clinicians to do their best.

Our organisational culture aims to help clinicians work together and feel empowered to develop and, through that process, deliver the highest level of care to our patients. We aim to create an innovative mental health service to enrich the lives of our patients and clinicians.

Flexible service delivery

We provide access to our services according to client need: in onsite clinics, in convenient locations around the UK, and via secure remote videocall and telephone platforms.

We care about
what we do

Psych Health maintains the highest standards of service provision through exemplary clinical governance procedures. This means that when our clients access our services, you can be assured that rigorous structures are in place to ensure quality and security.

Network Reach

Convenient and rapid access to a nationwide network of highly skilled mental health practitioners

we offer talking therapy in 41 languages
specialisms offered by our clinicians
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