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Therapy: CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy)

CAT stands for Cognitive Analytic Therapy; it is a collaborative programme that has been designed to closely look at how the person thinks, feels and acts, as well as at the events and relationships that underlie these experiences (which often stem from childhood or early life).

CAT is a very active therapy, facilitating sense of agency and empowerment by inviting you to be the observer of your own life and to take proactive part in what needs to change.

CAT is a type of therapy that marries together ideas from analytic psychology with those from cognitive therapy. There are some similarities s between CBT and CAT however CAT works more interpersonally on relevant, jointly identified issues by creating a working relationship between client and clinician where together they also aim to understand the origins of their difficulties that often lie in past experiences and it is therefore an effective therapy intervention for people who wish to work through these underlying issues but also focus on the changes that are required in the present time. CAT also emphasises the importance of relationships in your psychological life.

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