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Conditions: Indecision and Conflict

What is meant by indecision and conflict?

Even though most of our daily decisions are not earth-shattering, it not uncommon to experience paralysis in the decision-making process.

This happens to all of us at some point in our lives and may be linked to our circumstances and a stressful situation and be temporary but other times the indecision can become pervasive and chronic and render us virtually incapacitated. It is, therefore, common to experience fear or anxiety during the decision-making and it can be based either on your belief that you won't be able to handle the outcome of your decision or on your doubts about whether you have enough correct information to make the best decision.

Indecision can also be linked to experiencing emotional and cognitive conflict, which is often rooted in our brain and, therefore, our psychology.

However, being torn about maintaining our relationship or marriage, confronting someone, debating political views, or managing your finances can at times cause us a lot of turmoil, angst, and distress. At times we may also struggle to know our wants and needs and find it challenging to make the most mundane or seemingly small decisions. Such conflicts tend to reside in a context in which there is a "this" or "that" option and can lead to us feelings stuck and at an impasse.

Being fearful about the outcome of a decision or not knowing what decision is best for us can lead to putting it off and avoiding the outcome altogether. Procrastination is often a manifestation of one’s inability to decide.

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When to seek help?

  • Decision making process causes you anxiety and negatively impacts on your life

  • No matter what you decide to do, you are left with internal distress

  • You feel unsure of yourself

  • You agonize over decisions because you are afraid of making the wrong decision

  • You feel “stuck in the mud” because none of the choices you make seem to be exactly right

  • Anxiety is making it impossible for you to make decisions

Treatment recommendations

Many models of psychological therapy can help you to understand the root causes of your anxiety and help you let go of the dread and self-doubt when it comes to decision making process so that you can feel more self-assured, safe, and settled. The selected treatment, however, would be individually tailored to your needs following a comprehensive assessment process in our service.

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