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Therapy: Narrative therapy

Narrative therapy is a method of therapy that aims to separate an individual from their problem. It is a style of therapy that aims to empower and encourages people to rely on their own skills to minimize problems that exist in their lives.

Narrative therapy is based on the belief that throughout life, our personal experiences often become personal stories. As we derive meaning and give our stories meaning, and the stories help shape our identity and influence how we see ourself and the world. We can carry multiple stories at once, such as those related to your self-esteem, abilities, relationships, and work for example. Narrative therapy uses the power of these stories to help people discover their life purpose. Narrative therapy aims to help people to look at their problems objectively and frame them within larger sociocultural context as well as help individuals to make room for other stories. Narrative therapy does not seek to transform or change aspect of an individual in therapy, instead it aims to transform the effects of a problem.

 There is evidence that Narrative Therapy may be helpful for a variety of difficulties.

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