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Conditions: Relationship Difficulties

What are relationship difficulties?

We are social beings. It has been said that we are not just in relationships, we are relationships.

However, relationships can be complicated. We can get into ruts of communication and behaviours in our key relationships that become unhelpful or problematic to us or people around us. We can also feel caught up in a recurrent pattern in our relationships that may concern us and leave us feeling distressed. We may experience challenges in forming or maintaining relationships, have underlying insecurities that can negatively impact on our mood or even the relationship itself, we can struggle with getting close to others or finding it hard to deal with perceived or experienced rejection. Difficulties with anxiety or depression can be caused by relational difficulties and vice versa, interpersonal challenges can exacerbate our existing problems and negatively impact our wellbeing. Other times, we can be deeply and adversely impacted by breakdown of a relationship or any other difficulties that occurred in the context of our relationships.

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Are your struggles connected to anything specific?

  • Problematic relationship patterns

  • Relationship problems impacting mood or vice versa

  • Relationship endings and heartbreak

  • Separation and divorce

  • Infidelity and trust issues

  • Attachment anxiety and attachment insecurities

  • Loneliness

When to seek help?

  • You are experiencing anxiety or depression or any other difficulties that are linked to factors or problems in your relationships

  • You feel you need help to deal with problems or difficulties in your relationship

  • You feel you need help dealing with conflict and arguments in your relationship or you need help improving on communication skills

  • You experience difficulties with trust or boundaries in your relationships

  • You experience anxiety about relationships and worry about being rejected or abandoned which negatively impacts you or your relationships

  • Relationship difficulties that you experience negatively impact on your mood and daily functioning

  • You are struggling to navigate through single life

  • You are experiencing chronic loneliness

  • You feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your relationship(s)

  • You are struggling to cope with a relationship that has broken down

  • You noticed that there are problematic patterns in your relationships that you would like to break, for example, having a propensity to please others while neglecting your own needs

Treatment recommendations

Relational therapies can help improve the way you relate to those around you and allow you to break free from old patterns of behaviour that may no longer serve you. Therapies such as Psychodynamic Therapy, counselling, Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT), Interpersonal Therapy or Transactional Analysis can help with small or major relationship issues that are troubling you. A relationship does not have to be in crisis before you pursue counselling or therapy. For some people, therapy is a means by which they can prevent relationship issues from growing. The selected treatment however would be individually tailored to your needs following a comprehensive assessment process in our service, depending on the nature of your difficulty.

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