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Therapy: Systemic/ Family Psychotherapy

Systemic therapy focuses on relationships between a group of people, rather than solely on an individual’s thoughts and feelings.

The term Systemic Therapy is an umbrella term that encompasses wide range of therapies including family therapy or couples therapy but it can also help any group or system where people work together or have a relationship.

Systemic therapy aims to understand the individual in relationship with others, rather than in isolation. The individual is regarded as being part of a larger unit or system, for example, a couple, a family, an organisation or a community.

In that respect, systemic therapy aims to identify deeply entrenched patterns within an individual's relationships and also with family members that may be problematic or unhealthy. The process helps to uncover the ways in which individual members communicate and behave within a system, based on beliefs about their respective roles.

Systemic therapy is not directive and it is helpful in exploring wide range of issues. Systemic therapy does not focus on the past issues and if these need to be explored further and addressed, other therapies may be more suitable.

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